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Self-Made Web Designer Featured on Business Insider

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I was so thrilled to find out I was featured in an article on Business Insider! I've followed Business Insider for a while and have gained so much insight into running my own freelance business.

A friend of mine, Morgan Overholt, wrote a piece about the best way to set pricing as a freelancer and I was included.

What you charge is such an important aspect of what you do. Charge to little and you run the risk of burning out trying to do enough work to match the amount of money you get per project. Charge to much and you run the risk of losing quality clients.

I've written about my method for what I charge and how I change rates on my blog. Or you could read the amazing article Morgan has written and get some other quality freelancers perspective.

Full disclosure, the article is behind a paywall on Business Insider. So, I put the my section of the article up here for you to view.

If you're wondering, I don't get any kind of affiliate kickback for you signing up for Business Insider Prime. But, if you're all ready subscribed, feel free to read the article.

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