Self-Made Web Designer Featured on Learn to Code with Me - Self-Made Web Designer

Self-Made Web Designer Featured on Learn To Code with Me

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Listen to my podcast with Laurence

This was a great chat with Laurence and I know you're going to enjoy it!

The best strategies for building a freelance web design side hsutle

How I got over the hurdles that pop up from being a self-taught web developer

My transition from full-time ministry to a full-time career as a UX/web designer

Learn to Code with Me is a podcast run by Laurence Bradford. She is also a Self-Made Web Designer and has taken people on the journey with her as well.

Laurence went from knowing nothing about code to working for companies like Teachable. She runs an awesome podcast and I was so honored to be a guest.

Laurence has become a good friend as I've reached out to her for advice on how to help people learn web development and build side hustles or full-time careers.

Laurence has helped so many people including myself learn programing/development/all things tech and I was thrilled that she asked me to be a guest. I talked about things like

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