An Update from Self-Made Web Designer
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An Update from Self-Made Web Designer

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The Self-Made Web Designer podcast is pausing until July 7th. There is an important conversation that is happening right now concerning racism and diversity. It’s my heart to give space for that conversation to be fully heard.

So, I am pausing for the rest of the month to listen and learn how I can be an active part of the solution. My hope is that by giving space for what’s happening with racism and racial diversity we’ll begin to see some actual, lasting change.

We’ll resume again on the first Tuesday of July with some amazing guests. The episodes have already been recorded and I’m excited for you to hear them.

Until then I’m leaving some resources that have helped me on my journey. I hope they can give you some good insight and help you as they’ve helped me.


  • The Third Option : a great book by Miles McPherson on how to end the Racial Division in America
  • White Fragility:  a great book about why it’s so tough for  white individuals to have conversations about racism and how to move forward
  • The Conscious Kid: A great resource for parents wanting to teach their kids about anti-racism
  • The Break Down w/ Shaun King: a great podcast that talks about racism and corruption and how you can help to end it
  • 13th: A heart-wrenching documentary about racism and how the legal system is stacked against people of color


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