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How To Be An Epic Salesman Without Losing Your Soul Part 1

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Selling your services as a web designer comes with its fair share of ethical dilemmas.

  • You want to be honest about your ability but you don’t want to sound like you lack confidence.
  • You want to get paid a good amount but you don’t want to overcharge someone just because you can
  • You want to do what’s best for the customer but there’s a lot of gray area as to what that actually means

Most people struggle with the sales aspect of being a freelance web designer so much that it keeps them from finding real success.

Keep Your Integrity and Close the Deal

Thankfully you don’t have to sell your soul to be a good salesman.

In fact, people are realizing more and more that putting the needs of your customer first actually makes you successful as well.

Sure you may lose a few jobs in the short term BUT over the long haul you will see more success than people that cut corners and tell white lies just to close the deal.

That’s the topic of this week’s Self-Made Web Designer podcast with my guest Brad Hussey.

Brad has been a mentor of mine for years. He just didn’t realize it. I’ve been taking Brad’s online courses since I first got started as a web designer myself.

He’s recently pivoted a bit to talk about the ethics of marketing on his podcast Marketing Honestly.

He shares his journey of becoming an honest salesman. He had to ask himself some tough questions along the way.

But, from his experience he learned some values that have actually helped him to grow some amazing businesses. Things like:

  • Putting the client’s needs first
  • Finding your true, authentic voice as a freelance web designer
  • Thinking of your relationship with customers long term

Two-Part Episode

This is a two-part episode. The first episode focuses on Brad’s journey.

He was looking for a way to make more money and spend more time with his family. So, he started taking courses in web design and landed a job at an agency.

He eventually ventured out to begin his own freelance web design company and was successful at it. But, he also had a knack for teaching and wanted to help other people learn to do what he had done.

So, he developed some courses on a platform called Udemy and they garnered so much attention that he was able to quit freelancing and focus on educating people full-time.

His insight from his experience is truly unique and I know you’re going to enjoy this episode.

Today’s Guest

Brad Hussey

A highly skilled professional, Brad Hussey is a passionate and experienced freelancing web designer, developer, blogger and digital entrepreneur. Hailing from North Of The Wall (Yellowknife, Canada), Brad made the trek to the Wet Coast (Vancouver, Canada) to educate and equip himself with the necessary skills to become a spearhead in his trade of solving problems on the web, crafting design solutions, and speaking in code. 

Brad’s determination and love for what he does has landed him in some pretty interesting places with some neat people. He’s had the privilege of working with, and providing solutions for, numerous businesses, big & small, across the Americas. 

Brad builds custom websites, and provides design solutions for a wide-array of clientele at his company, Brightside Studios. He regularly blogs about passive income, living your life to the fullest, and provides premium quality web design tutorials and courses for tens of thousands of amazing people desiring to master the craft. 

You’ll Learn

  • How to know the right education path for you as a web designer
  • When to start charging for building websites
  • How to know the right prices to charge your web design clients
  • How to take rejection as a freelancer
  • How to handle discouragement as a freelancer
  • How to stand out and find your unique voice as a web designer
  • How to sell yourself as a freelance web designer WITHOUT feeling sleazy
  • How to be a servant to your client


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  1. Always put your customer first and your profits will grow eventually.

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