How to Price Your Websites as a Freelancer
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How to Price Your Websites as a Freelancer

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It’s pretty tough to know how to price your services as a freelance web designer. There are so many people that will tell you something different.

Some say you should charge hourly while others say a flat rate is the only decent thing to do. Some will tell you to charge a minimum of $5,000 while ohers will encourage you to shoot for a lower price with a higher output.

Is there a one-size-fits-all pricing strategy out there for freelance web designers?

Your Pricing Strategy Depends on You

In this week’s episode of the Self-Made Web Designer podcast I chat with Thiago Olivera.

Thiago is a freelance web design side hustler. And, throughout the 10 years that he’s been building websites for clients he’s tried a few pricing strategies.

In the early days he started like most of us do WAY UNDER PRICED.

But, slowly he began to raise his rates. Then he went on to get a steady paycheck from an agency.

That ended and he had to start over again with finding clients and getting to a rate he was happy with.

He learned a lot on the way and he is sharing his insight with us this week.

You’ll Learn

  • How to price your web design projects
  • How to come back from really slow seasons as a web designer
  • The importance of diversifying your clients as a freelancer
  • How to know when to raise or lower your rates
  • How to set boundaries with clients and avoid scope creep
  • How to work with friends and stay friends


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  1. Absolutely spot on! One of the most challenging tasks of becoming a Freelance Web Designer was actually knowing what to charge. At the moment what I do is, when I am too busy, I push my prices a little higher so my conversion rate drops a little but for the clients who accept, I hire a Virtual Assistant to help me out. When I’m not too busy, I drop the prices again and my conversion rate increases again. This is a very interesting website, I’ve never heard of you guys but I’ll definitely start following your blog consistently! Keep up the amazing content, have a wonderful day!

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