What You Need to Know To Start a Web Design Business
What you need to know to start a web design business || man sitting on a bed with a question mark above his head

What You Need to Know To Start a Web Design Business

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Starting a web design business is a scary thing. There are so many questions!

  • Should you get an LLC license?
  • Is a sole proprietorship okay?
  • What about taxes? How much should I set aside?
  • What if I don’t know how to do something the client asks for?

All of those questions can be enough to cripple you with fear and keep you from even getting started.

But, they don’t have too.

On this week’s episode, we chat about all of those things with Matt Lawrence and Mike Karan from the HTML All the Things podcast.

From IT to Web Development

Matt and Mike are old college buddies that originally started an IT company together. But, after one of their clients asked them to help build some websites in dream weaver they decided to pivot.

They began to see that there is a lot of opportunity in web development. There was just one problem: they didn’t know how to run a web design business.

Thankfully, they didn’t let that hold them back. They got some business advice from an advisor and they just went for it.

Face Your Fear and Start Your Business

The truth is you will never feel like you are fully ready to start a web design business. There will always be questions you don’t know the answer too.

But, don’t let that stop you!

Just like Matt & Mike you can learn as you go and honestly, you don’t have to know everything to build a successful company.

You just have to be willing to work hard and be honest about your own capabilities with clients.

This episode will help you on your journey to starting your own web design business.

You’ll Learn

  • How to pivot your business when it ends up looking differently than what you originally thought it would
  • How to get a handle on the business aspects of a web design side hustle or a full-fledged business
  • How to be confident in starting your web design business without fear of legal repercussions
  • Best practices for contracts with web design projects
  • How to go from IT to web development
  • How to say yes before you know how to do something in a web design project
  • How to know what to do on a web development project without having any background in that area before
  • How to give your web design clients the kind of service that gets you referrals
  • How to know the difference between what a web design client says and what they mean
  • How to ask the right questions to get to what your web design client really needs
  • How to adjust what you do based on client preferences
  • How to have a partner in your web design business
  • The number one mistake people make when starting a web design business


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  1. Starting a web design business can be a great step to increase your earnings as well as polish your skill set.

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