Why Branding is the Key to Success with Web Design Clients
Why branding is the key to success with web design clients || A crossword of marketing words

Why Branding is the Key to Success with Web Design Clients

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Have you ever worked on a web design project and been super proud only to present it to the client and quickly realize what they said they wanted is nowhere near what they actually want?

I wish I could say that’s never happened to me 🤦🏼‍♂️

When a client comes to you it’s very likely that they won’t really know what they need to be successful with a new website build or redesign or app.

AND, it’s your job as a web designer to help clarify what their goals are, what they’re hoping to accomplish so that what you make actually helps them as a business.

That’s where branding comes in.

Why Branding is Important to Web Designers

A lot of UX designers, product designers, or web designers think that branding is a bunch of touchy-feely nonsense that has nothing to do with our craft. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, every decision you make as a web designer should start with branding. Branding hits the core identity of a company and as a result, directs every single decision the company makes.

A brand defines the identity of the company. Not just who works there and what they have to offer BUT how they want to make people feel and the impression they want to leave people with. Without that foundation, it’s tough to know what’s best for your web design client. S

hould you build them a site or should they work on other things first? Do they need an app? Does their logo need to be redone?

All of those questions can be unearthed by defining the brand. That’s the topic of conversation in this week’s podcast with James Nwobu

About James Nwobu

James is a branding guru and has actually taught college-level classes on marketing. He’s helped all sorts of businesses from tech companies to music labels define who they are and has helped them attract their ideal client or user persona.

I have the privilege of working with James and have benefited from getting his insight on what it means to think of your designs in terms of branding.

It’s helped me to grow as a web designer and I know it will help you as well.

You can avoid the frustration of building something the client asks for but they ultimately don’t need by getting down to the core of who they are and what they are trying to accomplish with branding.

You’ll Learn

  • How to have a mission statement for your life
  • How to grow your talent as a web designer
  • The concepts behind branding yourself and your clients
  • How to help your clients know exactly what they’re looking for in their website
  • The right questions to ask clients to understand what they really need
  • What a user persona is and how to clarify it
  • How to define your niche as a web designer using branding and user personas


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