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How to Go from $0 to $500k in 4 Years on Upwork || A man celebrating in his office in front of a window

How to Go from $0 to $500k in 4 Years on Upwork

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Most of us think that starting a side hustle will give us a little extra money to buy things we probably shouldn’t with our normal salary. With the money we earn, we imagine we’ll be able to splurge on a night out or slowly save up for an epic vacation.

Not Josh Burns.

Josh spends about 20 hours a week outside of his full-time job and in the last 4 years has made over $500,000.

The crazy thing is: it’s all from Upwork.

He is living proof that Upwork is not a race to the bottom.

How Josh Did It

In this episode of the Self-Made Web Designer Podcast Josh outlines his journey going fro having very little experience as a freelancer to making over $100,000 a year in his free time.

The highlights?

He dialed how he searched for jobs on Upwork and only took jobs that he was 100% sure he could do an amazing jobs on.

That strategy lead to a ton of happy clients. And, those happy clients became repeat customers and went on to tell their friends about Josh and the service he provided.

It’s Not That Compliated

You would think there would be some secret strategy Josh used to get to where he is as a freelancer. Nope!

Josh just kept at it until he figured out what worked and what didn’t.

Through trial and error he figured out what an irresistible proposal looks like on Upwork and how to set up your profile to wow potential clients.

This is a great episode packed with tons of amazing tips. You won’t wan to miss it!

You’ll Learn

  • How to learn skills to have a freelance side hustle
  • What to do when you’re first getting started on Upwork
  • How to use Upworks job filter tool to find projects that are perfect for you
  • How to write the perfect job proposal on Upwork
  • How to tell when a client will be a nightmare to work with
  • How to optimize your Upwork profile page for getting hired
  • Learn what the client sees when they submit a job on Upwork and how that can help you make better bids


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In this episode I address what is happening in the US concerning racism and the death of George Floyd. I know this is a freelancing and web design website but I feel a responsibility to say something.

I am outraged by what has happened and is continuing to happen in my country. I am deeply sorry for what people of color have had to suffer through in America.

I’d like to offer a few resources that have helped me on my journey. I know the USA can and will do better for people of color. I plan to be a part of the solution.

  • The Third Option : a great book by Miles McPherson on how to end the Racial Division in America
  • White Fragility:  a great book about why it’s so tough for  white individuals to have conversations about racism and how to move forward
  • The Conscious Kid: A great resource for parents wanting to teach their kids about anti-racism
  • The Break Down w/ Shaun King: a great podcast that talks about racism and corruption and how you can help to end it
  • 13th: A heart-wrenching documentary about racism and how the legal system is stacked against people of color


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