Business Management seemed like a safe bet when I first started college. Who knew that single decision would force me to learn how to become a web designer without a degree later in life. If only in your late teens and early 20s could you have the foresight to pick what you would be doing […]

How to Become a Web Designer Without a Degree Fast – Complete Guide

A degree with a graphic of skull and cross bones over top to indicate how to become a web designer without a degree


I said it would never be me. I’d never succumb to side hustle burn out. I know how to handle stress. I’m capable. I made it through college on barely any sleep. Surely, I’d be able to manage a full-time job, my four children’s needs, a healthy relationship with my wife, a solid workout routine, […]

How to Avoid Side Hustle Burn Out (My Personal Horror Story)

lit match burning out to represent side hustle burn out


“You’ll never make real money on Upwork. People only go there for cheap, poor quality work.” Those are the things I was told when I first started building a portfolio on Upwork. And, here we are now I’ve made over $80,000 from Upwork alone. Oh, and don’t forget about all the projects that came as […]

How to Double Your Income with Upwork

Dollar bill on counter to symbolize doubling your income on Upwork


Mistakes with freelance clients are kind of unavoidable. But a wise woman named Eleanor Roosevelt once said it’s better to “learn from the mistakes of others. [Because] you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” This week I sat down with my wife, Sarah, to talk about her experience with her first big […]

Big Mistakes to Avoid with Your First Major Freelance Web Design Client

spilt ice cream on a bench


I have a confession to make. I haven’t always had a great Job Success Score on Upwork. In fact, there was a season when my Job Success Score got all the way down to 78%. In Upwork world, that’s the equivalent of a huge sign that says, “Worst Freelancer Ever. Do Not Hire.” But, despite […]

How to Recover from a Bad Job Success Score on Upwork

Manequin lying on the ground


What makes someone destined to become a truly successful web designer? I get asked that question a lot. People are trying to figure out if there’s some secret they can tap into that will help them know whether it’s worth it to pursue web design as a career. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. There’s no […]

The One Thing You Need to Be a Successful Web Designer

The one thing you need to be a successful web designer| a man walking down a rainy road


What if you could get hours of your day back? What would you do? Spend more time with your family? Start another hobby? Sleep? As a freelancer, you might think it’s impossible to cut down your work day. After all folks like Gary Vee are literally screaming at you to spend more time growing your […]

How to Create Systems as Freelancer to Save Time and Scale Your Business

Post it notes on a wall to symbolize creating systems in a freelance business


The idea of having a gig where you only work a few hours a week on the side but still make a decent amount of money sounds good to just about everyone I know. And, that’s kind of the lure of the freelance side hustle. The problem is making good money requires offering a really […]

How to Build a Lucrative Side Hustle and Not Burn Out from Overworking

Man asleep at desk to illustrate not overworking and burning out building a side-hustle


Nothing has the power to cripple a self-employed freelancer quite like freelance taxes. In fact, I’ve heard of horror stories with freelance businesses shutting down altogether because they didn’t do their taxes right. Everything was going great! They were making money and had plenty of clients. Then, during tax season, they found out they owed […]

Freelance Taxes: How To Do Taxes Yourself And Still Rest Easy at Night

Tax forms to represent freelance taxes


If you’ve been freelancing for any length of time you’ve probably heard of or even known someone that has fallen prey to an Upwork scam. That leaves some folks hesitant to even give Upwork a shot. AND, In my opinion, that would be a tragedy. Upwork has been and still is a huge part of […]

Upwork Scam: 7 Things You Can Do to Avoid Getting Taken Advantage Of

man holding hand over mouth to show what you look like when you're involved in an upwork scam


Having an efficient web design process that you take your clients through on every project is an essential part of being successful as a freelance web designer. But, sadly, most folks approach every project differently without any repeatable system. They kind of shoot from the hip with everything. Maybe a wireframe here… A bit of […]

A Simple Web Design Process Freelance Clients Will Love in 7 Steps

a book page with the word "steps" highlighted to emphasize creating steps in a web design process


A lot of people want to get started with web development they just don’t have any clue where to begin. A quick google search will leave you paralyzed with all the possible options to choose from what types of languages you should learn to how to learn them. There’s: Frontend development Backend development Bootcamps Online […]

The Best Way to Get Started with Web Development

Hands on a laptop to symbolize how to get started with web development


Becoming a freelance web developer is actually pretty simple. And, in this article, I aim to show you just how simple it is in a 5 step process. Now, wait! Before you start composing an angry email to tell me you disagree OR checkout altogether, hear me out. I didn’t say it was easy. I […]

How to Become a Freelance Web Developer in 2024 (5 Steps to Success)

Man sitting at desk wondering how to become a freelance web developer


Most freelancers approach their sales pitch process haphazardly. Typically, you jump on a call or video conference and just kind of see what happens. Cross your fingers that it goes well, right? And, sometimes it DOES go great. Other times, it straight up bombs. So, the question is, does it have to be that unpredictable? […]

Sales Pitch Process: 5 Keys to Get the Right Clients to Say Yes Every Time

Guy on a zoom call during a sales pitch process


Let’s be honest, web design revisions are painful for us freelancers/agency owners. I’ve got some nightmare stories and a fair share of newbie scars from clients who just couldn’t seem to be satisfied with the designs I presented no matter how hard I tried. I once made about 10 different versions of a logo for […]

Web Design Revisions: How to Avoid Endless Changes from Clients

two people with laptops talking to illustrate a client asking for web design revisions


Building a web design business isn’t a piece of cake. Add to that a busy life and you’ve got a real conundrum. You feel pushed and pulled in so many directions. It’s hard to tell which one you should make a priority. AND, when it’s all said and done you feel like you’re neglecting EVERY […]

How to Build A Web Design Business Even if You’re Super Busy

Persons hand above water to illustrate how hard it is to build a web design business when you're super busy


If you’ve really tried to become a web developer in the past but have struggled OR if there are certain areas of web dev that you’re wanting to improve in this is for you. Here is what I’ve found to be the best way to learn web development in 2022. I don’t know if you’ve […]

The Best Way to Learn Web Development in 2024 Without Getting Stuck

a computer screen with code to illustrate the best way to learn web development in 2022


You’re going to face tough times in your freelance business. How you handle them can make the difference between you coming out on top or having to shut down entirely. Check out this podcast to hear my own personal journey through a tough season and how you can thrive no matter what you’re facing. I […]

How to Navigate Tough Times in Your Freelance Business and Come Out On Top

a man at a desk with a silhouette light to represent the tough times in freelance business


Pricing is scary as a freelance web designer. Ask for too much and you run the risk of losing the project. Price too little and you might get taken advantage of by a client and miss out on some serious “dough.” Before we dive too deep let’s talk about some principles Time-Driven vs. Value-Driven Pricing […]

A Simple How To Pricing Guide For Freelance Web Designers

A Simple How to Pricing Guide for Freelance Web Designer|| A sale sign in a store window


I was on vacation with my fiance. We’re married now. So, things went well. But, at the time, we had just gotten engaged actually. We were out in California at a church conference I was a part of. In case you didn’t know, this was my life before web design. The conference went great and […]

How To Start A Freelance Web Design Project The Right Way

Paint on street that says "Start Here"


Some people take multiple years to scale a web design business to six figures. Then some people do it in 1 year or less. So, what’s the difference between those who are able to do it quickly and those who are able to do it in a fraction of the time? Believe it or not, […]

How to Quickly Scale Your Web Design Business to 6 Figures

A light streak from a fast car to represent how to quickly scale your web design business to 6 figures


Austin and Monica had the next few years of their lives planned out. They were recently married and on their way into the Peace Corps. They had sold everything they had, quit their jobs, and ended their lease. They were ready and excited about this new season of life. Then the pandemic hit. And, their […]

From VA to Web Design: How One Couple Built a Successful Agency in 1.5 Years

Fork in the road in the woods to symbolize going from virtual assistant to web designer


Don’t want to read nearly 2,000 words about how to be more creative as a web developer? I got you. Here’s a podcast: I talk to so many people all the time who are convinced they are unable to be more creative as a web developer. Most of the time when we see someone that […]

How to Be More Creative as a Web Developer

Abstract Painting to symbolize how to be more creative as a web developer


There is not a freelancer alive that doesn’t struggle with insecurity. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been freelancing or how good you are. Everyone feels like an imposter. This week I talked with Michael who is having doubts about approaching clients. He’s struggling because he feels like there are a lot of web designers […]

How to Overcome Your Insecurities and Be Confident as a Freelancer

A depressed woman looking through a window to symbolize overcoming insecurities as a freelancer


Don’t want to read over 1,000 words about how to avoid nightmare clients? I got you. Here’s a podcast: The world of web design freelancing is filled with amazing clients. I’ve had quite a few. But, at the same time, I’ve had a few nightmare clients that were unpleasable, unresponsive, or plain un…… When you’re […]

How to Sniff Out Nightmare Clients

Crab with claws


Don’t want to read over 1,000 words about how to get freelance web design clients when you’re just getting started? No worries I got you. Here’s a podcast. It’s hard to know how to get freelance clients when you’re first getting started. In your gut you know there’s a lot of opportunities out there. But, […]

5 Ways to Get Freelance Clients When You’re Just Getting Started

A magnifying glass on a blue background to symbolize how to get freelance clients


Don’t want to read thousands of words on how to overcome freelancing fears? I got you. Here’s a podcast Want to know the one thing I’ve found holds most people back from getting started as a freelancer? It’s not a lack of ability. It’s not even a lack of opportunity. Plain and simple, most people […]

5 Common Fears People Have About Freelancing and How to Overcome Them

A woman with her hands on her face in fear to symbolize the fears freelancers face and how to get over them


Typography in Web Design is often something web designers think about last when they’re working on a project. The checklist often goes something like this: Good images? Check ✅ Nice visual balance? Got it ✅ Appealing Color Palette? Done ✅ Typography? Oh yeah…I need to think about that 😂 But, text and typography often take […]

Typography in Web Design: What You Need to Know

The letter A in different font styles to symbolize typography in web design


A lot of salaried employees are starting to buck the norm and learning how to become a digital nomad. The truth is a lot of people spend their entire lives devoting most of their energy to their careers. But, something has happened recently. Many are starting to ask, “Why am I adjusting my lifestyle for […]

How to Become a Digital Nomad with the Projects You Win on Upwork

A plane window view to symbolize how to become a digital nomad


It’s tough to make a career change no matter what season of life you’re in. But, it gets even tougher the older you get. For 13 years I was a worship pastor for a large church. I had no desire to switch up what I was doing. Then my wife of 10 years walked out […]

How to Break Into a Web Development Career After 30

Old man on a computer to symbolize how to break into a web development career after 30


Building a side hustle into a million-dollar company is kind of the dream, right? It’s fun to daydream about what life would look like if you had multiple employees, office space OR EVEN an entire HR department.  Okay, maybe you don’t dream about HR departments but all of us dream about having outrageous success.  Well, […]

How to Grow Your Side Hustle to a Million Dollar Agency

Escalators taking a woman up to symbolize how to grow your side hustle to a million dollar agency


It’s inevitable. You will one day be faced with a list of objections from a potential client as a freelancer. And, the way I see it is you’ve got a few options when that happens: Act defensive and turn them off from working with you altogether Throw your hands ups and not even try Figure […]

How to Overcome Client Objections as a Freelancer and Win More Projects

Meeper from the Muppets and robot toy fighting to symbolize handing client objections


I’m a coach for my 8 year old’s soccer team. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also excruciating at the same time. During their games I’m forced to stand on the sideline while I watch them make really simple mistakes that are super easy to fix and would end up making a HUGE difference […]

9 Common Mistakes Freelancers Make on Upwork When Trying to Win Projects

a broken ice cream on the ground


There’s not much that strikes more fear into the hearts of freelance web designers than the need for having good web design contracts. I’ve known web designers who wouldn’t even get started freelancing because they were so afraid of getting sued. OR, they feared messing up a contract in such a way that they end […]

What You Need to Know About Web Design Contracts from an Actual Attorney

a judge's gavel to symbolize the importance of web design contracts


Don’t want to read almost 3,000 words about making a winning Upwork profile. I got you. Here’s a podcast! A good Upwork profile is absolutely essential to attracting and landing clients on Upwork. I mean, think about it from the client’s perspective.  You’ve got a job and you need to hire someone. BUT, you don’t […]

How to Make a Winning Upwork Profile

Profile with a green circle


Don’t want to read over 2,000 words on why you’re getting rejected on Upwork? I got you. Here’s a podcast: Rejection is never fun especially when it comes to freelance clients on Upwork. You work so hard to craft the perfect cover letter or pitch. You read it and then reread it, and then have […]

5 Main Reasons Clients Reject You On Upwork

Woman with sad face drawn on paper bag over head to illustrated the sadness of getting rejected on Upwork


Don’t want to read over 2,000 words about why you should freelance on Upwork in 2021? No worries! Listen to the podcast: There are a lot of people who will tell you you should freelance on Upwork. And at the same time, a lot of people will tell you not to waste your time. There […]

6 Big Reasons You Should Freelance on Upwork in 2021

Happy man on computer to symbolize why you should freelance on Upwork


Don’t want to read over 3,000 words on how to find your first freelance web design clients? Listen to the podcast OR watch the YouTube Video. The first time I tried getting potential freelance web design clients was not pretty. I had just finished the very first site I had ever done. It was for […]

How to Get Freelance Web Design Clients Starting from Scratch

Finding freelance web design clients starting from scratch || a man in a field looking for something


Most people begin to build a web design side-hustle without thinking much past the “How do I get started?” phase. There are a ton of resources out there all about how to learn web design or development, how to land your first client or build your portfolio. And, all of that is super important to […]

How to Build a Successful Web Design Side-Hustle Without Working to Death

A woman working on a laptop in bed at night to symbolize the importance of knowing how to build a web design side hustle without working to death


When you first begin thinking about becoming a freelance web designer or developer you don’t naturally think of finding a freelancer community as the highest of priorities. But, the reality is finding a community that you can walk with through your journey as a freelancer is one of THE most important things if not THE […]

How to Find Success as a Freelancer Through Finding a Good Community

A group of people standing on a rock to symbolize the importance of finding a freelancer community


We’ve always been told that there was really only one way to build a freelance web design business. Step 1: Learn web design/development skillsStep 2: Find clientsStep 3: As you get better you charge higher and higher prices Then for the really ambitious, you start an agency and make really big bucks. Sure, a lot […]

Scale a 1 to 1 Web Design Business with Productized Services

a worker on a manufacturing line to illustrate a web designer productizing their services


I remember being on the phone with a client that would be my biggest paying customer yet. Here I was talking with an agency from San Francisco looking to outsource some work. The words came out of my mouth with a tiny little quiver and that “yelp” sound you hear from boys who just started […]

From $500 to $4500 for WordPress Websites in No Time At All: My Story

Man walking up stairs to symbolize how raising rates on wordpress websites for clients


When people first start going down the path of becoming a web designer they begin trying to learn a lot of things about design and development. Things like: Color theory Visual hierarchy HTML & CSS OR JavaScript And, listen, those are super important to understand, practice and get better at. But, after a while, it […]

A Web Designer’s Journey with Mental Illness

Graffiti that says Trust Your Struggle


7 years ago, if you told me I’d one day be offered $10,000 to build a website I probably would have laughed at you. At the time, the most I’d ever gotten was a $100 gift card to Amazon. And, that was because someone was just being nice. The possibility of actually making that much […]

How to Win $10,000 Projects as a Freelance Web Designer

A freelancer at his desk to symbolize winning $10,000 projects as a freelance web designer


I hear it almost once a week now. Someone looked at getting into web design but decided there wasn’t much of a future in it. Why? Because of new technologies and all the dang drag & drop website builders like SquareSpace, Wix, WordPress, etc. People imagine a world where pretty soon all you’ll have to […]

Have Website Builders Killed Web Design Careers?

A robot playing a piano


One of my favorite quotes is from Richard Branson founder of the Virgin Group. He says: “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” This was my philosophy when I first got started as a web designer […]

How to Fake it Till You Make it as a Web Designer

Thumbs up sticking out of palm trees


Don’t want to read over 3,000 words on how to stand out as a freelancer? Listen to the podcast OR watch the YouTube Video. It’s tough to stand out as a freelancer when there are currently 57 million of us in the US, and that number gets bigger every day. In a lot of ways, […]

How to Stand Out as a Freelancer and Win Higher Paying Clients

Similar chairs to illustrate how important it is to stand out as a freelancer


Don’t want to read almost 3,000 words on what you need to do to become a top rated freelancer on Upwork? No worries I got you. Here’s a podcast: Becoming a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork was a game-changer for me. It was like almost overnight I went from clawing and scratching to find and […]

How to Become a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork

Man climbing side of mountain to illustrate the climb to become a top rated freelancer on upwork


No one starts out as a freelancer hoping to one day be mediocre. We are all determined to become a successful freelancer maybe even one of the better freelancers out there in our field. The problem is being TRULY successful as a freelancer isn’t easy. It even feels impossible sometimes. After all, if it were […]

8 Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer

A man on the road to illustrate the journey of how to become a successful freelancer


If I were to ask you, “what sets apart a really professional freelance web designer from a newbie?” What would you say? Some people might say it’s, “all about the quality of the design!” Others might tout the web designer’s ability to communicate their ideas or hit deadlines. But, none of those things really separate […]

How to Win Web Design Clients by Mastering Your Project Process

A man walking upstairs


Don’t want to read 1000’s of words on how to find web design clients? I got you. Here’s a podcast instead: Or if you prefer, there’s a YouTube Video. Ahh, the timeless tale of finding freelance web design clients. It’s a tale as old as time, really. And with that tale comes a certain amount […]

12 Ways To Find Freelance Web Design Clients

Find Freelance Web Design Clients Binoculars


Okay, you’ve decided it’s time to start a web design business. All the signs are pointing to it. You’ve got a decent eye for design maybe a bit of code know how It’s a growing market It’s fairly easy to get into AND, every business/blogger/influencer/whatever needs a website, right? Great! Now what? Start a Web […]

How to Start a Web Design Business that Lasts with No Experience

Starting blocks on track to represent how to start a web design business from scratch


Don’t want to read 1000’s of words on where to learn web development for free? Cool…I got a podcast for you. OR you can watch the YouTube Video: These days, there is so much information at your fingertips it’s hard to know where to go when you’re wondering how to learn web development for free […]

5 Places to Learn Web Development for Free

A laptop with code on it and a foot rested on the table next to it


Don’t want to read 1000’s of words on career change? Listen to the podcast instead! I was pretty much a full-time musician for about 13 years. To be fair, I was the worship leader of a church. Which is probably a lot different than what you’d think of in the usual sense of a “full-time […]

How I Changed Careers at 36 to Web Design

A sign pointing left and right


After you’ve had a bit of success as a side-hustler the question that always comes next is, “When is it time to go from side-hustle to full-time?” After all, things are starting to pick up. You’re starting to be a bit more confident in your skills and in your ability to make money with this […]

When is it Time to Go from Side-Hustle to Full-Time?

A green door and knob to symbolize the decision of going from side-hustle to full-time


There’s a lot of fear behind the question, “How do I price my services as a freelance web designer?” I can feel it everyone time someone asks me. And, I get it. In the early days of being a freelance web designer, it feels like most of what you’re doing is just guessing followed up […]

How to Effectively Price Your Services as a Freelance Web Designer

How to price your services as a freelance web designer|| A sign at a hotel that says "Best Rates"


Don’t want to read 1000’s of words on how to recover from mistakes with freelance clients? I got you. Listen to the podcast below OR watch the youtube video. Making mistakes with freelance clients is inevitable. You’ll do your best to keep it from happening, but one day, when you least expect it…WHAM! Out of […]

How to Recover from Embarrassing Mistakes with Freelance Clients

Old man with a "whoops" face to illustrate mistakes with freelance clients


Don’t want to read a few thousand words on how I got out of debt with web design side hustle? No worries! Listen to the podcast OR check out the video: My wife and I were married in February of 2018. With our marriage came love, joy, excitement and about $30k of debt. And, listen, […]

How I Got Out of Debt with a Web Design Side Hustle

image of the word freedom to represent what it feels like to get out of debt


Most high school seniors automatically think their next big life decision is choosing which college to go to. They graduate dreaming of the fun they’re about to have from dorm life or fraternities or the general “college experience.” But, not Michael. Michael knew that even if did go to school for computer science he would […]

How a High School Grad Became a Top Rated Freelancer in 6 Months

high school student working on laptop to signify a high school student becoming a top-rated freelancer on upwork


Jumping into the world of web design can be a bit overwhelming. There are tons of things to learn like design principles and development skills.  And then there are all these different web design tools out there. Some people swear by one tool and then another person comes along and completely contradicts them.  Even if […]

6 Tools Every Web Designer Needs to Know About

A wall of garage tools to symbolism the many web design tools to choose from


“Should web designers use templates to build their client’s sites?” Honestly, the freelance world is a bit divided on the answer to that question. Ask one person and the answer will be a resound, “YES!” Why wouldn’t you? If a template can get you even half the way there without having to do something from […]

How to use Website Templates to Make More Money and Save Time

a website template on a computer screen to visually communicate using a website template as a web designer


Some times the most inspiring stories come out of disappointment. That certainly was the case with this week’s guest: Jasmine Glasgow. Jasmine had a fairly steady job at her family owned company. Then COVID hit and they had to make cutbacks. Her job was one of the first to go. BUT, instead of going the […]

From Laid Off to A Successful Business: One Web Designer’s Story

a newspaper clipping highlighting layoffs


If you haven’t figured it out by now you will soon enough. Some people will be really, really bad freelance web design clients. The kind that will make you want to quit freelancing altogether. You have to make sure you do what you can to avoid nightmare clients. You know the kind that doesn’t get […]

7 Things Really Bad Freelance Web Design Clients Say

7 Things Really Bad Freelance Web Design Clients Say||Man Screaming with x over his mouth


Don’t want to read 1000’s of words on how to accomplish freelancing goals? Here’s a podcast! It seems like we start every year with high hopes for making huge progress on accomplishing freelancing goals.  We sign up for new goal setting systems. We read new books and swear to ourselves that this year will be […]

How to Crush Your Freelance Goals in the New Year

White shoes on a red carpet to suggest starting new freelancing goals


As 2020 begins to wind down we turn our attention to the newly minted 2021 web design trends. Okay, there are probably a lot of things you are glad to see go coming out of 2020. The coronavirus An election year The return of fanny packs And, while there is a lot to celebrate seeing […]

Important 2021 Web Design Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

A type writer with 2021 written on paper


Don’t want to read 1,000s of words on how to make a winning bid on UpWork? I got you. Listen to the podcast instead. Or you can watch the video. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you can’t just create an account on Upwork and sit back as the jobs start rolling in. No! […]

How to Make a Winning Bid on UpWork

Man in desert celebrating


It’s pretty tough to know how to price your services as a freelance web designer. There are so many people that will tell you something different. Some say you should charge hourly while others say a flat rate is the only decent thing to do. Some will tell you to charge a minimum of $5,000 […]

How to Price Your Websites as a Freelancer

A dollar sign on white marble to communicate how to price your websites as a freelancer


UX design bootcamps are all the rage these days. People are opting out of the traditional college education route and instead choosing bite size programs that focus entirely on the skill they’re wanting to get hired for. Personally, I think that’s awesome. But, not everyone agrees with me. In fact, there’s a bunch of people […]

How to Choose the Best UX Design Bootcamp for You

Group of people studying UX || How to Choose the Right UX Design Bootcamp for You


When you think of making more income as a web designer you probably think of two ways to do it. You either have to: Charge higher prices OR Take on more projects But, what if there was another option? What if there was a way to make more money without adding a ton more work […]

How to Increase Your Income with Sales Funnels and Automation

Wooden steps with "Up" spray painted on each


Making 6 figures as a freelance web designer is kind of like a rite of passage. When I was first introduced to the world of freelancing I was kind of shocked at how freelancers would just openly tell me they made over 6 figures a year without me asking. When I asked a friend about […]

How to Be a 6 Figure Freelance Web Designer

Man with computer raising hands in victory on a couch representing a freelance web designer who is hitting 6 figures


There are probably a lot of reasons why someone would want to become a freelance web designer. There are motivations like being in control of your time, having flexibility in your schedule, or being your own boss. But, one that probably trumps them all is earning more money. That was one of my biggest motivations […]

How to Earn More Money as a Freelancer

How to Earn More Money as a Freelancer || A man excited at his computer to signify earning more money as a freelancer


The creative process is pretty torturous. I don’t say that lightly. I’ve experienced it. When I was a full-time musician I would have an idea for a song that I knew was going to be my big break. I’d pull out my phone record a little bit of it and go to bed. Then, I’d […]

How to Be More Creative as a Web Designer

How to Be More Creative as a Web Designer || A man with paint on his hands to express creativity


Being unhappy with your job is pretty much a given these days. That’s why everyone posts those stupid memes about how bad Mondays are. A recent study found that over half of all US workers were unhappy with their career. But why are we so content to stay and do work we hate for a […]

How to Find a Job You Love in Tech

How to find a job you love || Illustrated by a twisty road because it might take a non-traditional route to get there


Freelancing as a web designer is known to have feast or famine seasons. It seems like you either have more work than you can handle or you’re worried about being able to find another client before it’s to late. What if I told you there was something you could put into place today to keep […]

How To Make Recurring Revenue With Website Maintenance Plans

How to make recurring revenue with website maintenance packages || a set of wrenches to communicate maintenance like you need maintenance on your vehicle


Becoming a self-taught web developer is all the rage these days. And, for good reason. With rising cost of traditional universities and a world of educational resources online A LOT of people are opting out of the old model of learning something. I myself DIYed my web development education and I’m a big advocate of […]

How to Be a Self-Taught Web Developer (The Honest Truth)

Image of someone helping to another person learn web development for an article on how to be a self-taught web developer


It’s crazy to think that only a few months ago having a remote job wasn’t the norm. Now, almost the entire world is working from home. And, while a remote job as a web designer might be a dream come true, it comes with its fair share of challenges. Being on a remote team makes […]

How to Be a Successful Remote Web Designer

How to be a successful remote web designer || man on laptop overlooking city skyline


“How do you have time to work on a web design side hustle?” I get that question a lot. And, I understand where it’s coming from. The older you get the more responsibilities pile on and the less time you have to take up new hobbies or even build skills that make you money. But […]

How to Make Time for a Web Design Side Hustle

man standing in front of a blurred train to represent how to make time for a web design side hustle despite having a busy schedule


Don’t want to read 1000’s of words on getting good web design clients even with a tiny portfolio? No worries. Listen to the podcast. Here is the conundrum: good clients are looking for web designers with a strong portfolio before they hire them. But, how do you add to your web design portfolio if no […]

How to Get Good Web Design Clients Even with a Tiny Portfolio

Small figurines on a counter


Starting a web design business is a scary thing. There are so many questions! Should you get an LLC license? Is a sole proprietorship okay? What about taxes? How much should I set aside? What if I don’t know how to do something the client asks for? All of those questions can be enough to […]

What You Need to Know To Start a Web Design Business

What you need to know to start a web design business || man sitting on a bed with a question mark above his head


Don’t want to read 100’s of words about staying focused working from home with kids? No worries. You can listen to the podcast OR scroll all the way down for the video. It’s that time of year again. Back to school! In a normal world, school starting up brings a bit of relief to working […]

How to Stay Focused When You’re Working from home with kids

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If you don’t want to read nearly 3,000 words on 5 important things every web designer needs to know, I got you. Here’s a podcast Well, it’s official. turned 1 year old! ? It’s been a pretty awesome year. I’ve gotten the chance to help a lot of people up their game as web […]

5 Important Things Every Web Designer Needs To Know

5 Important Things Every Web Designer Needs to Know || Balloons Being Released in the Air


Have you ever worked on a web design project and been super proud only to present it to the client and quickly realize what they said they wanted is nowhere near what they actually want? I wish I could say that’s never happened to me ??‍♂️ When a client comes to you it’s very likely […]

Why Branding is the Key to Success with Web Design Clients

Why branding is the key to success with web design clients || A crossword of marketing words


Getting into a UX design career has become incredibly popular lately. It’s almost like a modern day gold rush. As a result, there are a lot of companies capitalizing on the sudden increase in attention toward tech design jobs by creating products people can buy to help them get into those types of careers. One […]

How To Know if UX Design Bootcamps Are Right For You

A young man sitting at a laptop in a classroom || How to know if ux design bootcamps are right for you


The frontend development field is constantly changing and advancing in your career is becoming more and more difficult. For one, the sheer amount of people in the industry has gone up drastically. AND, not to mention, what it actually means to be a frontend developer worthy of a tech job is getting more and more […]

How to Advance Your Career as a Frontend Web Developer

How to Advance Your Career as a Web Developer || A computer with code on it with a cup of coffee


The Self-Made Web Designer podcast is pausing until July 7th. There is an important conversation that is happening right now concerning racism and diversity. It’s my heart to give space for that conversation to be fully heard. So, I am pausing for the rest of the month to listen and learn how I can be […]

An Update from Self-Made Web Designer

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Make sure to put people before profit. At the end of the day, that’s what marketing honestly boils down too. It’s a simple idea in theory. But, if you’re honest with yourself, it’s actually a tough idea to practice. “But, Chris!” You say, “Of course I would always put people before profit.” Well, hold on. […]

How To Be An Epic Salesman Without Losing Your Soul Part 2

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Selling your services as a web designer comes with its fair share of ethical dilemmas. You want to be honest about your ability but you don’t want to sound like you lack confidence. You want to get paid a good amount but you don’t want to overcharge someone just because you can You want to […]

How To Be An Epic Salesman Without Losing Your Soul Part 1

A man who looks nervous || image for how to be an epic salesman without losing your soul episode


I don’t know about you but writing a resume freaks me out a bit. The idea that the future of your life depends on a small piece of paper is more than just a little bit nerve-racking. AND, as a UX designer, you have to worry about more than your resume. You’ve got to think […]

How to Build a UX Design Portfolio that Get’s You Hired

How to make a winning ux design portfolio || Two ux designers working on a project together


“Can you really get high-paying clients on Upwork?” That’s a question I’m asked a lot. It’s not always that direct BUT every so often someone will mention something slightly negative about it in passing. It comes in forms of: “Upwork is fine…if you’re just getting started.” Or “If things get slow enough I guess I […]

How to Get High-Paying Clients on Upwork

Man at coffee shop talking on phone to signify how happy you'll be when you find high-paying clients on Upwork


I got an email this last week. And it wasn’t a fun one: I have to be honest. That was a blow to the gut and it’s even pretty hard to admit that it happened. For the longest time I’ve been a huge advocate of Upwork. I’ve even been featured on some of their advertisements. […]

How I Lost My Top Rated Status on Upwork

A neon sign with an encouraging message that says "People Fail Forward to Success" || How I lost my top rated status on Upwork


You can’t have a successful side hustle without having a healthy family. At least not for very long. Most of us like to think that we can compartmentalize different areas of our lives. You’ve probably heard something like this before: “whatever personal issues you have, leave them at the door of your office.” But, the […]

How to Have a Healthy Marriage and Successful Side Hustle

How to Have a Healthy Marriage and a Successful Side Hustle || A happy couple


So many freelancers think it takes some secret to find good web design clients. But, in reality, it’s actually pretty simple. Here’s a hint. It has nothing to do with how long you’ve been in business, how many skills you’ve mastered or even whether you’ve got a degree in some related topic. If you want […]

How to Attract High Paying Web Design Clients Part 2

How to Find Good Web Design Clients || Neon sign that is a handshake


SEO can sometimes seem like a mystical concept. We all know we need it but we can’t quite figure out how to get it. So, we figure the people that are doing well with SEO have some kind of magic formula they’ve concocted and are probably unwilling to share with anyone else. But, thankfully, that’s […]

How to Grow a Strong Web Design Business with SEO

How to Grow a Strong Web Design Business with SEO || An image of the google search page on a computer


Forget about making a little bit of extra money on the side. This graphic design freelancer is making enough money to fund a small town in Arkansas. What amazing secret source did she use to find her success? Upwork. That’s right. The place that everyone says is a race to the bottom. The place so […]

How to Make Over 6 Figures on Upwork as a Freelancer

How to Make Over 6 Figures on Upwork as a Freelancer|| A Miami street


Most of us think that starting a side hustle will give us a little extra money to buy things we probably shouldn’t with our normal salary. With the money we earn, we imagine we’ll be able to splurge on a night out or slowly save up for an epic vacation. Not Josh Burns. Josh spends […]

How to Go from $0 to $500k in 4 Years on Upwork

How to Go from $0 to $500k in 4 Years on Upwork || A man celebrating in his office in front of a window


Erin Flynn is not your normal freelance web designer. While everyone else is preaching “hustle, grind, kill yourself until you win” Erin is encouraging everyone to slow down and build a business that supports your life RATHER than the other way around. Erin only works two to four hours a day as a freelance web […]

How to Only Work 20 Hours a Week & Make an Amazing Income

How to Only Work 20 Hours a Week and Still Make an Amazing Income|| A man floating in the ocean while reading a book


The world is crazy right now. Entire cities are shutting down. Businesses are being bankrupted. All from a virus we call COVID-19. In the wake of what’s happening around the world a lot of people are questioning what their next move is. They just lost their job or their income has drastically decreased. And, some […]

How to Be Successful with a Web Design Side Hustle

How to Be Successful with a Web Design Side Hustle || A laptop on a table with coffee, a notepad and a phone


I have to be honest and say I did not think the Coronavirus would affect us as much as it has. I thought everyone was going a bit overboard. But, things kept getting worse. Then last week the CEO of the company I work for sent out a message telling us that we would all […]

How to Make Your Web Design Business Coronavirus Proof

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Well, it happened to me today. My CEO sent a message to our entire company. We are going to be working from home for the foreseeable future because of the Coronavirus. And, I’ve heard of a lot of companies who are following suit. Oracle, Twitter, Apple, Google. All of the heavy hitters aren’t just encouraging […]

Coronavirus: How to Work From Home and Not Go Crazy

Coronavirus a man working from home with a mask on


I’ve talked to a lot of freelancers over the years. After a while, a few common issues started to pop up. It turns out a lot of us are struggling with the exact same issues but no one is talking about it with one another! That’s the topic of this week’s episode on the Self-Made […]

The 5 Worst Mistakes Freelancers Make and How to Fix Them

The 5 Worst Mistakes Freelance Web Designers Make and How to Avoid Them || a paper with a sticker on it that says Mistake

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